Formual’A is a specialized French academy in hairdressing and makeup. We are an international brand and we benefit from over 33 years of experience in improving professional hairdressers and makeup expert’s skills and in helping beginners to get experience in the fields... We offer a wide range of training programs which vary between the beginners to the advanced levels. Our courses include cutting, coloring, styling and makeup techniques. We let our students experience a real-life working environment. Additionally, All the training courses offered at Formul’A bilingually; in Arabic and in English.
We provide the highest quality education along with the most up-to-date techniques. We teach the right concepts about hairdressing and makeup techniques and how to apply them. Formul’A’s staff is a team of genuine artists and professionals to teach you all the skills you need. They are always familiar with the latest trends in hairdressing and makeup industry. We serve beginners, salons owners, professionals and nutritionists. As our centers in the Kingdom are accredited by The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, every trainee will earn an accredited certificate upon completing any one of our courses. This certificate can help you work at beauty salons or start your business and achieve your dreams.