Pingu’s English was established in 2007 in Saudi Arabia and in the most of the main cities around the world. Pingu’s English Centers teach English to children between the ages of 4-10 years old. In a safe professional learning environment, Pingu’s English centers provide students of all ages with quality language instruction and a fun exciting activity program. Our English curriculums are carefully designed by expert according to the latest techniques in teaching English and based on real-life experiences. At Pingu’s English, teaching is different. Beside our exclusive curriculums, we believe in fun learning. We use animation in order to make the kids acquire the language skills in a fun way. The teaching techniques and materials used at our centers will help your kids achieve the language learning goals.

Our staff at Pingu’s English is committed to providing the highest quality in teaching your kids. They have detailed knowledge of our programs along with their remarkable experience in teaching kids. They make an effective use of all the tools and teaching resources provided to our centers. They work on designing and modifying lessons. They create innovative ways to deal with every kid’s needs and they follow up with all our kids. At Pingu’s English, a previous knowledge of English is not required. We build every kid’s self-confidence first. Likewise, We are so careful to make our kids acquire the four English skills; comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. To ensure that, we maintain highly effective ways using our curriculums, animation, fun activities and multimedia tools. Our classrooms are a safe environment for our kids as we accept a limited number of kids in every classroom. We grant you that you and your kids will find learning English at Pingu’s Centers a fun, successful and a valuable experience. 
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