Professional Call Center Services solutions

Smart Link call center for Business Services is the biggest professional call center in Saudi Arabia. Smart Link is one of the biggest outsourcing call center in the region with state-of-the-art technology and capacity to accommodate high volume of agents.

Smart Link offers an extensive range of services to our clients including managing and operating all kinds of call centers and provide them with the latest technologies. Our solutions include designing and building IP telephone systems, designing and building contact and technical support centers, designing and building Corporate IT Infrastructure, interactive contact centers, IP contact centers. We also provide our clients with customer support & help desk applications, telemarketing and automated campaigns, professionally trained cadre, training and development programs for the cadre and we offer high quality contact centers technical and operational consultations.

All agents employed by Smart Link are highly qualified college graduates with excellent communications skills. We also offer bilingual agents according to regional demand. As we employ (CRM) customer relations management technologies at Smart Link, we all care for our customers and we enjoy strategic and professional relations with them.