• Where is Al Khaleej Training and Education Corporate office

    Al Khaleej Training and Education Corporate office is located in Riyadh, Al Olya Street behind Jarir Bookstore and in front of The Office of the Ombudsman. Al Khaleej Training and Education braches are available to serve you in more than 80 centers for men and women across the Kingdom. For inquiries and information, please call our customer services number 8001210121.

  • Why do I choose Al Khaleej Training and Education?

    With a wide experience since 1993, Al Khaleej Training and Education has been a leading company in the field of training and education. We provide companies, foundations and individuals with an extensive range of solutions that afford them the highest ROI. We also develop our clients’ human resources and enrich their experiences in their fields. Al Khaleej Training and Education has a cadre of more than 4000 employees and enjoys professional international relations with the training and education leaders across the globe.

  • In which fields does Al Khaleej Training and Education offer its solutions?

    Al Khaleej Training and Education is pleased to offer the customers a variety of solutions in all fields required by both local and international markets. Al Khaleej solutions include Computer Training, English Language Training for both Kids and adults, educational sector solutions for both schools and universities, professional contact centers for companies, management training, specialized make-up and hair-dressing training for ladies, marine safety training, e-learning solutions and recruitment solutions for both companies and individuals.

  • How do I register in Al Khaleej Training and Education?

    You can visit any branch of our centers and complete your registration procedures with our Customer Service staff.

  • Are the certificates given by Al Khaleej Training and Education accredited? And who is Al Khaleej accredited by?

    Yes. All our certificates are accredited depending on who is supervising the training. Our accreditation varies between local accreditation like, The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and the Ministry of Education.

  • What is the teachers’ educational level at Al Khaleej Training and Education?

    Al Khaleej Training and Education staff is committed to providing the highest quality in training and teaching in all the different training fields. We have a professional cadre of certified instructors and years of experience in their fields. They are always keen to follow up with all the new techniques in training and education. In addition to that, all curriculums taught at Al Khaleej Training and Education are international and accredited curriculums.

  • Are there typical time scheduled for the training programs offered at Al Khaleej Training and Education?

    Al Khaleej Training and Education offers its programs throughout the year. You only need to visit one of our centers and ask our responsive customer service staff for schedules and appointments.

  • Are the training programs fixed at all the centers?

  • Should I pass any tests to enroll in Direct English training courses?

    In the short-term courses, you only need to pass an English level test to determine your level in English. Yet, there is a minimum for any applicant to enroll in the long-term courses. To inquire about it, you can ask our customer service staff.

  • Can I register in more than one training program at the same time?

    Yes. You can enroll in more than one training program at the same time. The applicant can also choose any of our training according to his/her needs.

  • Does Al Khaleej Training and Education grant jobs for its trainees after they earn the certificates?

    No, Al Khaleej does not offer jobs through its training programs. But the knowledge the trainees get along with the certificates they earn qualify and enable them to work in any place. However, Kawader recruitment solutions offer its services to find suitable jobs for our trainees in the national companies and foundations.

  • Where are New Dimension for Management Training branches located?

    You can find New Dimension for Management Training  in the main and big cities.

  • What age ranges does Pingu’s English serve?

    Pingu’s English teach English to children between the ages of 4-10 years old.

  • What are the training programs provided at M&O Arabia Marine Safety?

    M&O Arabia Marine Safety center provides training on Marine Safety and Marine Mechanics.

  • What purpose does Platinum IT Advanced Training Solutions Center serve for companies?

    Platinum provides a variety of advanced training programs, solutions and specialized workshops to fulfill our customers’ goals. Platinum courses include Advanced Operating Systems, Network and Information Security, Software Developing, Network Strategies, Human Resources Management, Databases and Information Systems.

  • Does Formul’A Academy provide its services to beginners or they are only for experts?

    Formul’A French Hairdressing and Makeup Academy provides its offers for beginners, salons owners, professionals and nutritionists

  • Can Saudi students enroll in Rowad Al Khaleej International school?

    Our school is the only international school that has the privilege to accept Saudi students.

  • What are subjects taught for early elementary students in Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools?

    At RAIS, we teach the Saudi curriculums in Quran, Islamic and Arabic. Beside them, we apply Harcout, which is a US Standards Based Curriculum, in Math, Science and English.

  • Do vacations at Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools comply with other vacations of public schools?

    No. Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools’ vacations comply with other International schools vacations and depend on the pre-prepared academic program.

  • How long is the shortest program at Formul’A French Hairdressing and Makeup Academy?

    At Formula’A Academy, we offer training courses in three different levels. These courses vary between short-term, medium-term and long-term courses. For inquiries, you can ask our Customer Service staff.

  • What purposes does Kawader Recruitment Center serve?

    Kawader links between individuals and companies and offers them recruitment solutions. At Kawader, we offer specialized training courses according to companies’ needs of recruitment. We recommend certified and qualified individuals for the companies and we follow up with their professional performance after they get hired

  • Is there a certain dress code should I wear for any of Al Khaleej Training and Education training programs?

    There is no any certain dress code required by men in all the Al Khaleej Training and Education centers for men. Yet, women dress code is restricted by the supervising authority rules.